James Vardiman Lecture on Current Topics in Hematopathology

Steven H. Swerdlow, M.D.
Professor of Pathology & Director, Division of Hematopathology, University of Pittsburgh SOM & UPMC

"The revised WHO lymphoma classification & Blue Book: Just another stop on a long highway"

Friday, June 15, 2018 @ 12 NOON
KCBD - Room 1103
900 E. 57th Street

Dr. Steven Swerdlow is the director of a 9 faculty Division of Hematopathology that has major clinical, research and educational activities.  Dr. Swerdlow is an active diagnostic hematopathologist specializing in use of a multiparameter approach to lymphoid proliferations and recognized with listings in “Best Doctors” and “American’s Top Doctors”.  His academic activities also relate specifically to this area including being the lead editor for the 2008 WHO monograph on the classification of hematopoietic and lymphoid tumors and its 2016 / 2017 major revision.  His research efforts that have resulted in numerous publications involve the use of a multiparameter approach to better define, diagnose and understand primarily selected B-cell & T/NK cell lymphomas and the post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders.The multiparameter approach integrates clinical, morphologic, immunophenotypic, and molecular/cytogenetic data. Some current areas of investigation include multiparameter investigations of select cutaneous B-cell lymphomas, multiparameter investigation of high grade B-cell lymphomas including the “double hit” lymphomas, mantle cell lymphomas with phenotypic/molecular discrepancies and the implications of selected molecular testing in myeloid neoplasms. Some of his efforts in the past have included the early recognition of what we now call mantle cell lymphoma and its association with CCND1 rearrangements, studies of the most indolent end of some of the major small B-cell lymphomas, MYD88 mutations in lymphomas with plasmacytic differentiation, investigations of varied cutaneous B and T-cell lymphomas, better understanding the role of precise lineage in T/NK cell lymphomas and the utility of high throughput cytogenetic testing.  Dr. Swerdlow also has had major teaching roles related to the education of medical students, residents and fellows and has received several resident teaching awards. He received the Harvey Goldman Master Teacher of the Year award from the USCAP in 2017.  He is a former hematology pathology fellowship director, is a current member of the ACGME Review Committee for Pathology and is a trustee and currently Secretary of the American Board of Pathology.  He has also been an active contributor in terms of courses, lectures, panels and being on the executive committees for major pathology/hematopathology organizations.  He received the inaugural “Berard-Dorfman Founders Award” for a senior hematopathologist from the Society for Hematopathology in 2015.