Jeremy P. Segal, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Director, Division of Genomic and Molecular Pathology

Department of Pathology
The University of Chicago
5841 S. Maryland Ave.
MC 1089, Room P-313
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773-702-3674

Clinical Interests

Jeremy Segal, MD, PhD is the Director of the Division of Genomic and Molecular Pathology. Genomic and Molecular Pathology was created in order to bring together the latest in genomics technologies, computational biology approaches and scientific knowledge for the care of patients at the University of Chicago and the broader community.  Today, it is well understood that the best hope for the treatment of many illnesses depends upon having the best possible information, both about the patient as well as his or her particular condition. For cancer and a host of other diseases, genetic information is a critical piece of the puzzle, and can help to better define disease, predict its progression and most importantly help to select the best possible treatment for each individual patient. Modern genomics technologies can provide unprecedented windows into the biology of disease processes. As a molecular pathologist in the division's Clinical Genomics Laboratory, Dr. Segal's clinical interest is in developing new genomic analysis tools and bioinformatics systems utilizing this technology to help support the care of University of Chicago patients. For more information about Genomic and Molecular Pathology, click here

Research Interests

Dr. Segal's research interests dovetail with his clinical focus and is mainly related to the development of novel genomic analysis technologies for cancer. Current efforts are focused on development of assays to detect trace cancer signals, including minimal residual disease, therapy resistance mutations and circulating plasma tumor DNA.

Select Publications

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