Benjamin A. Kaumeyer, MD


I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio where I later attended undergrad at Ohio State University. While at Ohio State, I worked in a molecular biology research lab, obtained a B.S. in Molecular Genetics and was a regular at OSU football games. At the University of Toledo College of Medicine, I discovered my passion for pathology during an elective rotation. I am especially interested in applying my background in molecular biology to the field of pathology. Over the past few years, I experienced a small taste of the city of Chicago with weekend trips to Cubs games and Second City comedy shows which have left me eager to exploring more of the city. Outside of medicine, I enjoy running, biking, reading biographies, binge watching TV shows (Better Call Saul is my current favorite) and I have remained an enthusiastic Ohio State football fan. I am thrilled to begin the next step of my training at the University of Chicago and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in July!