AP Conferences


A 2-year AP Curriculum was developed to ensure that all the core topics are appropriately covered during the residency training period. The topics are presented during morning conference (8:00-9:00 AM daily) on Mondays and Thursdays and are divided by the various organ systems. The sessions are composed of a mixture of didactic presentations and unknown sessions presented by sub-specialty pathologists in their respective fields. 

Access for Current Residents

Current residents have access to the lectures in the M: drive at the following location:
M:\Pathology\Fellows_Residents\3. Lectures and Services\AP Rotations and Lectures

Current residents also have access to the recorded audio of any recorded sessions in the M: drive, organized by date and divided by academic year, at the following location:
M:\Pathology\Fellows_Residents\8. Recorded Didactics

Teaching Conferences

See Google Calendar Here

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00am SurgPath (S-640 or S-644) *8:30 Autopsy Conference (Morgue or S-644) CP Didactic (S-644) SurgPath (S-640 or S-644) Brain Cutting 
(P-09) or Peer Teaching (S-640)
11:00am   CP Conference 
12:00pm       Pathobiology (P-315) Resident Journal Clubs 
2:00pm Quality Assurance 
Quality Assurance 
Quality Assurance 
Quality Assurance 
Quality Assurance 
7:00pm IRAP or CPS talks (see schedule)        


AP Clinical Conferences (Tumor Boards)

See Conference Coverage Schedule Here

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:00am Esophageal (Rotating; S-644)     Head & Neck (CCD 8076)  
7:30am       Breast (CCD 8001) Melanoma (every other Fri; S-644)
8:00am     Chest Onc (CCD 9001) Neuro Onc (Q-207)  
9:00am     Gyne Onc (L-272)    
10:00am       Asthma (S-640)  
11:00am   Peds Surgery (1st/3rd Tues; CCD 2240)      
12:00pm   GI Onc (G-217) Molecular (2nd Wed; S-644)   Peds GI (S-644)
2:00pm     Thyroid (3rd Wed; CCD 9076)    
3:00pm       Liver (1st/3rd Thurs; S-644)  
3:30pm     GI Interventional (E-607)    
4:00pm     GU Onc (CCD 9076) Peds Solid Tumor (S-644)  
4:30pm   Bone/Soft Tissue (E-302)

IBD (1st/3rd Tues; S-644)
5:00pm       Endorama (M-170)