Clinical Services


UChicago MedLabs provides access to a full range of diagnostic services in clinical, anatomic, and genomic and molecular pathology. Please visit MedLabs website for more detail.

LABORATORY HANDBOOK - tests offered by all divisions are described here.


Anatomic Pathology

Clinical Pathology

Molecular Pathology


Outreach (UCMedLabs)

Autopsy Pathology


Surgical Pathology

Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine

Clinical Chemistry


Hematology and

Laboratory Service Center
and Preanalytical Services

Microbiology / Immunology

Point of Care Testing

Transplant Immunology
and Immunogenetics (HLA)


Genomic and Molecular Pathology

Patient Requests

For all Pathology Patient Requests, please send documentation via email to or via fax to 773-926-0724.

To request RELEASE of slides from surgeries/procedures done at The University of Chicago: Please see the linked instructions.

To request RETURN of slides originally from outside institutions that have been reviewed here: Contact Client Services: phone 773-702-3611, fax 773-702-4633

Legal Requests

For all Pathology Legal Requests, please send documentation via email to or via fax to 773-926-0723.