CP Conferences


A 2-year CP Curriculum was developed to ensure that all the core topics are appropriately covered during the residency training period. The topics are presented during morning conference (8:00-9:00 AM daily) on Wednesdays. Each morning is divided into two 30-minute lectures. The sessions are composed of a mixture of didactic presentations and lectures series, such as laboratory managment, presented by sub-specialty pathologists in their respective fields. 

In addition to the Wednesday morning CP conferences, each Tuesday at 11:00 AM, the previous week's calls handled by the Lab Medicine Resident on Call (LMROC) are presented in TW-040. Each case is discussed and feedback is provided to ensure any learning points from each case are brought forth and to sharpen decision-making skills as a budding laboratory director. Each review session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. The remaining 15-30 minutes are then used to review a short CP topic, usually an update on current events (how Zika virus is being handled in our labs), a case presentation on an interesting patient (patient presenting with an abnormal hemoglobin pattern that turned out to be Hb Raleigh), or an update on implementation of various laboratory techniques (such as the usage of thromboelastography in our newly opened level 1 trauma center). 

Access for Current Residents

Current residents have access to the lectures in the M: drive at the following location:
M:\Pathology\Fellows_Residents\3. Lectures and Services\CP Rotations and Lectures

Current residents also have access to the recorded audio of any recorded sessions in the M: drive, organized by date and divided by academic year, at the following location:
M:\Pathology\Fellows_Residents\8. Recorded Didactics