Lab Week

Lab Week 2015 - Snack & Learn

Hemoglobinopathies & Thalassemias - Dr. Jill DeJong

Shrinking the Specimen Size Needed for Platelet Function Testing - Dr. Jonathan Miller

Clinical Chemistry Lecture - Dr. Jerry Yeo

Forensic Pathology - Dr. Arangelovich

Fecal Transplantation for C. Diff - Dr. Mullane

Pathologists & the Lab: Reaping the Value of Team-based Care - Steve Zibrat

When We Talk About Transfusion Reactions - Dr. Adam Cloe

Improving Reporting of Functional Lupus Anticoagulant Testing - Dr. Charles VanSlambrouck

The First Blood Banker: Oswald Hope Robertson - Dr. Ari Nowacek

Next Generation Sequencing - Sonia Benhamed

Emerging Roles of Cytotechnologists in Pathology - Ghazal Khan

Manage Your Lab's Policies & Procedures Using MediaLab - Webinar

ROTEM Testing & Blood Utilization - Dr. Geoff Wool

Lab Week 2014 - Snack & Learn

Blood Donation, why is it so Important? – Angela Treml

The Value of Case Studies in Determining Best Practices (Blood Bank) – Monica Keith

Cancer Cytogenetics Case Study - Gordana Raca

Celiac Disease (Immunology) - Sona Young

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics – Xin Yi

CIMScan Administrator Training – LIS

Maximize the Dollars in Your Pocket Learning about Uncle Sam’s Tax Free Savings (Coag Lab) - Connie Ho

Snakes in the Laboratory: Examining the use of Snake Venoms in Lab Testing – Ari Nowacek

Pathology/Clinical Labs Focus: Accessioning – Ruth Bloom

Forensic Pathology (Anatomic Path) - Valerie Arangelovich

Gift of Hope: An Experience with Organ Procurement (TIIL) – Taba Kheradmand

Hope into Life: The Lifesaving Partnership Between University of Chicago Medicine and Gift of Hope (Blood Bank) - Stacey Troha

Neuroblastoma: A Cancer with Multiple Personality Disorder (Heme) – Navin Pinto

Quality Improvement: Quality + Lean + Safety = Super Results (Histology) – Debi Ortiz

History of Pathology (Anatomic Path) – M. Kamran Mirza

Emerging Viral Diseases (Micro) – Kenneth Alexander

Lean Deployment in Healthcare (Pre-Analytical Services) – Paul Suett

Waffles Your Brain:  Prepare for the POCT Explosion – David McClintock

How do you Solve Problems and Drive Improvement?

Fire Fighting? Whack-A-Mole? Lean/Six Sigma? – Steve Zibrat

Urban Health Initiative:  Day of Service and Reflection (Blood Bank) - Walidah Tureaud and Susan Peters

Running the Gauntlet: the History of Schistocytes in the Hematology Lab – Mir Alikhan

Seeing is Believing: Diagnostic Electron Microscopy (Anatomic Path) – James Brainer

Lab Week 2012

Blood Bank - Dr Richa

Chemistry - Ed Leung

Lab Safety - Margaret Lorincz

Molec Diag Sequencing - Reddy

Cancer Cytogenetics - Ouyang

Coag - Stephanie McGregor

Hematology - Dr Anastasi

Microbiolgy - Dr Charnot-Katsikas

Compliance 2012


Lab Week 2011

Can you calculate RBC antigen distance? (Blood Bank) - Saptarshi Mandal

HLA and Pharmacogenomics (HLA) - Susana Marino

Mutation Based Assays in AML (Molecular) - Reddy

The End of an Era in TB Testing (Micro) - Karen Frank

GAS, GBS, SAUR (Micro)

Allogeneic Transplantation (Heme Onc) - Dr Koen van Besien

Sleep Tight (Micro) - Nicole Cipriani

Neutrophil Extracellular Traps - Saptarshi Mandal

B Cell Development (Heme) - Silver Daniel

Suicide Bombers Inside - Saptarshi Mandal

From Your Genome to Prescription Drugs - Mei Li

Lab Week 2010

CAP Competency Assessment Program - Musa

Coccidioides (Micro) - Song

Collection, Processing, Examination of Bone Marrow (Heme) - Vardiman

Economy Class Syndrome: DVTs and PEs (Coag) - Cipriani & Steinmetz

False Total Bilirubin (Chem) - Tretiakova

Free Light Chains (Chem) - McNerney

Hepatitis C Antibody (Chem) - Westerhoff

Hospital for the Future (NHP)

Molecular Blood Group Genotyping (Blood Bank) - Chiang

Molecular Tests for Personalized Medicine (Molecular) - Reddy

Paired Kidney Donation (HLA) - Herczyk

Seeing is Believing (Diagnostic EM) - Brainer

Stem Cell Transplant (Heme) - Godley

The Role of Cytogenetics in Pregnancy Loss (Cytogenetics) - Petras

Lab Week 2009

Anti-Platelet Drugs - Morvarid Moayeri

Cancer Cytogenetics - Tracy Raoul

Colorectal Cancer - Blase Polite

Emerging Infectious Diseases (Blood Bank) - Mona Papari

Gene Therapy Death Investigations - Karen Frank

Immuno-Suppression Monitoring - Sangeeta Bhorade

Molecular HLA Typing in HSCT - Susana Marino

OB-Gyne Review - Holmquist, Montag

Prostate Cancer Screening - Ajit Paintal

Compliance Education 2009

Compliance Education 2009

Lab Week 2008

Shiga Toxin - Adriana Acurio

Biochemical Markers of Bone Resorption - Angella Charnot-Katsikas

Multiple Myeloma - Elizabeth Hyjek

CML in the Era of Imatinib - Richard Larson

Molecular HLA Typing and HSCT - Susana Marino

Overview of Molecular Tests - Poluru Reddy

Blood Bank Beyond the Bench - Elie Richa

Digital Photography Tips and Tricks - Denise Wiler

Compliance Education 2008

Compliance Education 2008