Residency Tracks

Pathways in Pathology


The Department offers flexibility in its training program, and we have developed a multi-track system in order to suit the needs of our trainees. The combined Anatomic (AP) and Clinical (CP) pathology track is 4 years, and residents can choose to emphasize AP, CP, or research. There are also separate tracks for those interested in anatomic or clinical pathology alone; these tracks are 3 year programs.

Research: Physician-Scientist Track (PST)

As part of the University of Chicago and its Division of Biological Sciences, the Department of Pathology is at the center of one of the world’s great research communities. On a single campus, scientists from nearly every discipline are engaged in the study of biological systems at all levels of complexity (eg., molecules to medicines). Therefore, we have a long history and deep commitment to training physician-scientists. Our Department offers a Physician-Scientist Track (PST) for applicants with a strong background in biological and biomedical research (e.g., MD/PhD training) who are committed to research intensive careers in academic pathology. This typically involves training in AP or CP, followed by an optional clinical subspecialty fellowship of their choice, and then an intensive postdoctoral research fellowship in a laboratory on campus. This track offers extreme flexibility and will be individually tailored to enable each physician-scientist to attain the goal of establishing an NIH-funded research program. In addition to 6 months of research during the three-year accredited residency in AP or CP, the department will guarantee that PST residents have at least two additional years of PGY level salary support to pursue full-time post-residency research in any laboratory at the University of Chicago. Our PST residents receive extensive mentoring in how to design a career in science and pathology, grant writing, and faculty development. For more information, contact Christopher R. Weber, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Pathology,

All tracks will meet criteria for qualifying for the American Board of Pathology Examination.

Current Curriculum

  1. Anatomic Pathology only (AP only) - 3 years
  2. Clinical Pathology only (CP only) - 3 years
  3. Combined Anatomic and Clinical pathology (AP/CP) - 4 years
  4. Research track in AP only or CP only - variable

Each residency program will have slight variations among themselves, and we have found that our curriculum prepares our residents very well for their future careers in their chosen specialty. Please review the Training Requirements for each track at your leisure.

  AP/CP AP only CP only
Autopsy 5 5 -
Neuro- 2 2 -
Surgical Pathology 13 15 -
Forensic 1 1 -
Cytopath 3 3 -
Renal 1 1 -
Derm 1 1 -
Hematopathology 4 3 4
Coagulation 1 - 2
Chemistry 3 - 3
Microbiology/Immunology 3 - 3
Transfusion 4 - 5




Cytogenetics/HLA 1 - 1
Management/Informatics Lecture Series Lecture Series Lecture Series
Additional Advanced CP - - 4
Elective/Research 4 3

(up to 6 mos 

TOTAL: 48 months 36 months 36 months