Resources and Facilities


Anatomic Pathology

The anatomic pathology Service is housed in the Surgery Brain Research Institutes and Billings Hospital. Included in this area are histology laboratories, a surgical pathology wing, an immunohistochemistry laboratory, electron microscopy suites, autopsy rooms, and offices for housestaff.

There are approximately 30,000 surgical pathology cases analyzed annually, including 850 renal and 1,300 bone marrow biopsies. In addition, about 200 autopsies are performed.

Clinical Pathology

The modern spacious Clinical Pathology laboratories occupy 30,000 square feet in the Mitchell Hospital, and utilize advanced instrumentation and methodology.

Nearly four-million clinical laboratory tests are performed on patient specimens annually. Including quality control and other procedures, this accounts for approximately 12 million CAP weighted workload units performed.

Academic Benefits

We value the time and effort that our residents put into their training and such training should not be hindered by lack of access to the necessary resources. Therefore, we strive to provide academic resources in efficient ways, with feedback from the residency body each year.

Physical Resources
  • Laptop provided by the department
  • Personal desk and personal microscope in the Resident Room
  • Additional monitors/office supplies as requested
  • Attached parking structure to the hospital
Online Resources
Financial Resources
  • $1300 book fund for educational use each year
  • One paid educational conference, fully covered, as a first author
  • Research funding

Wellness Benefits

In addition to the academic benefits, we believe that resident health and work/life balance is a vital part of training. We want our residents to feel supported, empowered, and balanced.

  • 20 vacation days per year
  • Yearly Step It Up! Challenge 
  • Yearly Wellness Challenge
  • Health screenings and vaccinations
  • 2 on-campus gyms ($17/month; $10 back if you go 10 times in one month)